Monday, April 18, 2011

Reprints of Clare's 8 Week New Years Fitness Journey (part 2)

I am into week two of my fitness journey and it certainly has not gotten any easier.
Last week we laid the foundation and now Mike has started to help me build up my strength and there is a lot of work to be done.
But while I gave serious attention to exercising over the past week I forgot to give equal attention to my diet. I know I cannot expect to meet my goals if I’m not thinking about the food I am putting in my body. Clearly a helping of Oreos after dinner every night is not thinking clearly about my diet.
Late last week I started to keep a food diary, as ordered by Mike, in which I write down everything I ate, everyday. Obviously if I didn’t immediately change my eating habits this could have been an embarrassing ordeal for me.
I would really recommend keeping a food diary to anyone who is looking to change their diet. Nothing will deter you from eating in excess than having to admit to yourself that you ate it when you go to write it down.
Besides making me confront my own eating habits it has also made me more aware of my eating schedule. Mike discussed speeding up my metabolism this week, and I think consistent eating habits are a large part of that.  Sometimes I skip breakfast, and then unknowingly eat more at lunch or snack more during the day. But really breakfast gets your metabolism going

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