Friday, March 18, 2011

Reprints of Clare's 8 Week New Years Fitness Journey

With a body fat percentage of 30 and a BMI of 28.5, this past
Monday I began my eight-week journey towards physical fitness
with Mike Bogdanski of Midtown Fitness as my guide.
I am not the type of person who exercises regularly or eats
moderately so I’m not expecting this to be an easy journey,
and I’m sure Mike won’t let it be easy either. However I am
completely ready and eager to work it out and get in shape.
Over these coming weeks Mike will be helping me plan my work-
out experience, as I use the gym, participate in group fitness
classes, and even try a little karate.
I’m looking forward to the variety in the workout because I think
that’s why I gave up so quickly in the past. I’m not a fan of routine
in any aspect of my life. I need to keep it different and interesting
and I feel the same about exercising. Just going to the gym and
working out everyday gets boring quickly, but with some classes
mixed in I think it will be fun.
My first day was this past Monday, January 3. I met with Mike to
talk about what the coming weeks would entail and to start to “set
a foundation,” as he put it.
The first thing we did was measure my body fat percentage and
BMI, previously mentioned. I have to admit it is taking some false
confidence on my part to make those numbers known. I’d just like
to lay it all out there, so in eight weeks I can ensure I have some
bragging rights when those numbers are down.
Mike and I talked about goal setting, and how knowing my BMI
and body fat percentage was a way for me to set some tangible
goals. I think knowing where you are and where you want to be
is a good way to start and to motivate yourself. I know I work

better with a goal and deadline. The last time I exercised regularly
was preparing for a five-day hike on the Appalachian Trail this
past summer. As soon as I can home from the hike I had lost my
motivation and will to stay in shape. I think a real challenge will
come at the end of the eight weeks when I am left on my own, but
I’ll tackle that issue when it comes.
So by the end of all this, I would like both my BMI and body fat
percentage to be within the “healthy” range. So for a 22 year old
woman of my weight a healthy BMI would be somewhere between
19 and 24 and a healthy body fat percentage would be somewhere
between 25 and 31 percent.
Mike told me that whether these goals are attainable in eight weeks
rests on how much work I am willing to put in. I can definitely
say that after four years of typical college-student eating and
exercising habits, I need this change and am raring to go. I am just
hoping my body can keep up with my enthusiasm.

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